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Nepal Sitars Performing

About Nepal Sitars

Nepal Sitars is group of three professional Nepali classical music maestro from Kathmandu. They enjoy spreading love and joy of Nepali classical music throughout the world. They are the musical goodwill ambassador of the Nepali classical music. They have more than 20 years of expérience performing concert throughout the world. Showcase the virtuosity of the individual musicians and offer listeners an opportunity to go on a musical journey through Nepal - from the lowlands, the Tarai, to the valley of world's highest mountains in the Himalayas.

Members of the Musical Group Nepal Sitars are

Tara Bir Singh TULADHAR
Born in 1943, Tara started studying the sitar at the age of 20 and completed his Master’s degree (Sangeet Praveen) in India in 1974. He has been teaching sitar at Padma Kanya College,Tribhuvan University, as well as at various other music schools (Kalanidhi Sangeet Mahavidhyalaya, Bhrikuti school) and to private students in Nepal and abroad for 32 ans (1974-2006). In 2008, he started to teach at the Music Department of Kathmandu University. Tara is also a founder member of Sur Sudha, Nepal's internationally acclaimed classical trio and musical ambassador, with which he has performed over 2,000 concerts all across the world. He is known as one of the most innovative and probably the most celebrated sitarist of his generation. Tara is not as world-famous as the shortly deceased Ravi Shankar, but he certainly is as important for Nepal, where he is "the sitar player with magic at the fingertips". His younger sister as well as his four children are perpetuating his classical sitar legacy. The Tuladhar family now counts 6 sitar masters.

Satendra Bir Singh TULADHAR
Born in 1971, in a family of a sitar master, Satendra has been exposed to his favourite instrument from age 6 on. In the beginning, his training mainly focussed on ragas and folklore music. Then he started to practice on a higher level and obtained his "Junior Diploma" in classical music at age 13. He was given his Master degree (Sangeet Parveen) in 1996 from India, 2 years after having obtained a business degree from the university in 1994. Satendra started teaching sitar at the age of 13, when his father was on tour throughout the world, and has been teaching on a professional level in schools and academies for almost 20 years. Satendra completed his first European tour with his father in 1994 and then Japan in 1997. From 2007 till 2012, he has replaced Tara in the world-renowned Nepalese classical ensemble "Sur-Sudha". Ever since, he has been touring Europe,UK, Thailand, Korea, Japan, India, Tunisia.
And, he has founded his own music group « NEPAL SITARS » In 2013 and organized a European concert tour for charity to a non profit making organigation « YOUTH VISITON FOUNDATION NEPAL »

Born in 1967, Mana Raj started playing Tablas at the age of 5. He got his Master’s degree (Sangeet Praveen) in India in 1982. Ha has been working with Radio Nepal and Nepal TV from 1989 on, where he illustrates musically TV-shows. Manaraj has produced several music albums: Lekhera Timro Naam, Chokho Maya, Nanu, Teju, Mana, Rhythmic fusion, and many more.
Manaraj has been awarded the second prize for best Tabla solo player at Radio Nepal and the first prize at the « Solo Open Tablas Competition » in Patan-Lalitpur. He has also won a special merit prize in Singapore in 2003 and the Bhasa people choice Award in 2010. Between the years 1996 - 2010, he had toured in Europe, India and Singapore.

Together the three masters of Nepali classical music are now NEPAL SITARS. They play their own compositions but also great classics of the traditional Nepalese repertoire.